Additional Senior Care Information

Below are some frequently asked questions about senior programs.

How do I get my family member to go to Senior Moments?

  1. Refer to Senior Moments as a “Group” or “Club” or “Center”. Avoid referring to it as an Adult Day Care.
  2. Let them know that their first day is free and will be a short day. Tell them they do not need to commit to signing up in order to try it out. Talk with staff and refer to the Activity Calendar to pick a comp day with activities that your loved one may enjoy the most!
  3. Encourage them to “volunteer” at the center. Tell your family member that you’ve heard that we are looking for help at the center.
  4. Start with a shorter schedule and increase gradually. Give your loved one time to adjust to their new schedule.
  5. You can also come for a few times to reduce anxiety.

Why would you attend our senior program?
You want to live in the community as long as possible and avoid moving to a nursing home. You might need some help from others, such as assistance with medication monitoring or meal preparation. Although your memory might not be what it used to be and you might need daily reminders, you would like an opportunity to participate in meaningful activities and talk with others about current events. You might like to learn a new skill, contribute to projects that benefit your community or have lunch with new people.

How do I know if I should attend Senior Moments?
You may have health problems that do not allow you to actively participate in traditional community programs such as those at a senior center. Your functional limitations, such as difficulty walking or dressing, may have limited your ability to get out of your house or to pursue new leisure activities. Your caregivers may work or need to pursue their own leisure activities. Senior Moments will allow you to pursue your interests, while having your needs met.

How will this help my family or caregiver?
As much as your family may love you and embrace the role of caregiver, caregivers need to take time to work and have leisure activities. Sometimes, caregivers have a difficult time recognizing this and our professional staff can provide support and education on available community services and care giving ideas. Caregivers may also feel guilty that they cannot accomplish all of the care-giving alone. They only need to ask themselves: If I wear myself out to the point of exhaustion, how good will I be as a caregiver?

Can I visit the program?
Senior Moments encourages visits from families or seniors who would like to observe the programs taking place. We kindly ask that you schedule an appointment so that our staff has the time to meet with you and answer your questions.

If you are interested in attending we will schedule a complimentary day so that the participant can experience the program and meet other clients and you can determine if the program is a good fit for your caregiving needs.