Elder Care Consulting, LLC testimonials

I love Senior Moments.  It is like home without the family.  This is something that I can do personally.  The company is the best there is – people my own age.  I enjoy the games, crafts and projects – there is always something to do. N.L. 2016

I like coming to Senior Moments and visiting with everyone.  We follow UConn Basketball and Geno Auriemma.  There is plenty of socialization, arts & crafts, word games, reading of current events and reminiscing.  I love bowling here.  The aides are great and there is always plenty to do. J.Z. 2016

Attending Senior Moments is a way to get out and meet others rather than being stuck at home.  It makes me realize what is available for those who cannot get out when they want to.  This way I can socialize with others in the same situation as me without being a burden to family or others to drive me to events.  Having a nurse on duty is a definite plus.  I feel comfortable and safe here. N.B. 2016

I enjoy my days at Senior Moments, where I have made many friends from all walks of life.  There are always activities going on, along with crafts and games.  I enjoy sharing my own crafts with my new friends.  I made scarves for all my Senior Moments friends and Staff.  There are many music programs and varied interesting guest presentations.  E.C. 2016

Senior Moments is a good place to go.  We make crafts to show and they become ours to take home.  It is fun to get together with everyone.  The van transports us so the family doesn’t have to drive unless there is a problem.  The meals are great and if it is something you don’t like, they’ll give you substitutions.  Families can have a day off to do their chores and errands. D.T. 2016

Senior Moments has exercise and games.  I like to talk and listen to conversations.  The medical care is excellent.  The Nurse checks our blood pressure and weight and takes good care of us.  It gives our family Members time to babysit for grandchildren while I am attending.  The Aides are very attentive and assist when walking to make sure I am safe. F.T. 2016

The services of Elder Care Consulting are well worth it. I had problems with the response of doctors. I told Tracy and she got right on it, and I got an answer the next day, of what to do. The same about ordering the medicine too; the Doctors are so busy, or they forget to call the patient, and I was waiting for days, but not any more! She also tells me what to do or say and I believe she knows how to get action. I cannot say enough. I love working with her. She also e-mails my Son & Daughter of what is happening. – DC December 2015

We were at a complete loss at how to support our 95-year-old father-in-law after his wife (who took care of everything) died. None of the kids lived in town. Thank goodness we found Tracy and Elder Care Consulting. She took care of both routine and unexpected doctor visits, and immediately kept us posted on how he was doing. He wasn’t very communicative with us, so having her there to give feedback on how he was doing was a real blessing. If we were worried about him, she would stop in and check on him for us. We also hired an aide through Elder Care Associates to help out a couple times a week, and the aide kept an eye on him too. I was worried about the service might be too expensive, but Tracy was very efficient and the costs were much lower than I expected. And, when he did need a lot of care, it was cheaper than flying across the country to address the problem. He really enjoyed Tracy’s visits, and his last year of life was much healthier and happier than it would have been without her support. He was able to stay at home instead of going into a nursing home or other supportive care. I recommend Elder Care without reservation.
– KH November 2015

I highly recommend Elder Care Consulting, LLC for their excellent services for my parents when they were living in their own home and later in the assisted living facility. Tracy Flynn, in particular, has been an invaluable resource especially since their only child lives out of state. Tracy accompanies my Mother to medical appointments and ensures that instructions are followed in the assisted living facility. She checks on my mother weekly; answers e-mails very promptly; is available in an emergency; and she is very caring and compassionate. Her advice is always sound and in the best interests of the safety of the elderly.

Elder Care Consulting even orchestrated the move of my parents from their home to an assisted living facility. Tracy ensured their smooth transition. I could not have asked for more.
– LI Daughter December 2015

“…I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to you and all of your people at Elder Care Associates…”
View entire letter here. – JL 2015

I know my husband’s day is enjoyable – meaningful and safe, so that I can continue to do my job without worry! I am so thankful to have this program available. I have been so impressed with the staff – each of them is welcoming and so very caring to both my husband and myself. The communication is appropriate and insightful. Beginning Senior Moments was a great leap into a new routine which has been done smoothly with the help of a talented staff. It has provided structure to my husband’s day which is so important.
– June 2013

I would highly recommend Senior Moments to anyone!! My mom and I are more than happy with all aspects of the program. I just can’t say enough about it. My mom is safe and happy and well-cared for. I have never seen another facility equal to Senior Moments. I wish there were more facilities just like it for our elder citizens. It is so clean and odor free. The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, the staff knowledgeable and very caring. The activities are perfectly suited to keeping everyone engaged. – February 2014

I could write a novel! Senior Moments is such a help. My Mom returns to me happy, energetic and full of life. I have much needed time to myself, to get things done, or just breathe. They are there to help us both.– February 2014

Thank you very much for everything you had done to make every day that much easier. You have been a great support to my Mom and I will never forget that. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you. ..Straight from my heart.
– C.N. November 2013

She asks me all the time “When Am I Going to the Senior Club Again!”
– October 2013

I cannot say enough good things also. I think you are all wonderful – Mom loves going there and it has given me hope that we may be able to care for her at home on a long term basis. – October 2013

It gives me time to do the things I need to do at home without the interruptions of care giving. It gives me an opportunity to rest when needed. I can go shopping, have Dr. appointments, etc. It is an excellent program. It is a safe, friendly, caring place to leave your loved one. – August 2013

It has given me a much needed break. I can get things done when he’s away and that enables me to focus on him when he is home. Senior Moments’ is helping to keep my husband active and involved. – June 2013

“Eldercare has been a wonderful resource for our family. Eldercare case managers are compassionate, knowledgeable, and responsible in both good times and crisis situations. My father-in-law looks forward to their visits with trust and pleasure. I know that we can rely on Eldercare’s judgment and prompt responses. I wholeheartedly recommend their service both invaluable and a bargain to boot!” – N.M.R. daughter-in-law 2011

“I sleep at night knowing my father is getting the best care available and that you continue to be a safety net for us both, as well as someone who has the medical knowledge to monitor my father’s needs. My only regret was in waiting till I became so overwhelmed to reach out to Eldercare for help.” – BH 2009

“I am so impressed by your competence and professionalism in all your dealings with the medical establishment during my mother’s recent hospitalization. these are the things I have always had to do long distance. You have relieved a tremendous burden for me. You also showed my mother tremendous concern and compassion. We are lucky to have all of you in our lives.” – GD Daughter 2009

“I wish to thank-you so much for the services your company provided to my mother during her last weeks. The staff you sent were so caring and supportive. It gave our family much comfort that our mother had someone at her bedside round the clock. I would be most happy to be a referral for future clients.” – SW Daughter 2008

“Elder Care Consulting researched alternative living arrangements, organized the move, including facilitating the disposition of items to libraries and other charities. As a result my client is now comfortably settled in an assisted living. I have confidence in Elder Care Consulting and would not hesitate to recommend them to assess current living environments, assist elderly individuals in finding acceptable alternative living arrangement and help to oversee the entire move.” – Atty LM 2007

“I have employed the services of Lori O’Connor and her staff for more then two years on behalf of my parents. I can sincerely state that Lori and her team have provided outstanding care and coordination of services. Elder Care Consulting provided a truly important detail-oriented medically knowledgeable,empathetic team that linked the separate elements of care into a functional “whole”.” – RC Son 2006

“Having someone help you to ask pertinent questions and follow-up and check on loved ones is HUGE. Emotionally and Mentally to know you & your family have done their best with help from others makes a difficult situation easier to cope with. Thanks again for all your help” – CR Son 2005

“Elder Care Consulting can act as an advocate for the elderly patient and recommends services and specialists that are covered by insurance but are often overlooked by the general health care system. I highly recommend the service to anyone who feels they might need it.” – MH Son 2005

“Elder Care Consulting was hired to do an assessment of my parents and then retained to provide elder care services. They exhibited a highly professional manner and easily identified priorities for us. They were able to streamline and provide management for the home health care workers, establish contact with the array of physicians for both parents, and communicate fully and precisely to my brother and I all points of importance. This brought great relief to my family.” – LC Daughter 2005

“Lori helped our family by guiding us towards the specialized health services our mother needed. She arranged for home care, respite care, and eventual home placement for our mother. It was a most difficult time for us ‘children,’ but Lori was there for us, educating and supporting us emotionally along the way. It certainly is a traumatic experience to have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, but a person like Lori O’Connor is wonderful to have in your corner.” – AD Daughter 2004